“Ive joined pokerxfactor, cardrunners, gidders (great balloons), and RPT. But none of those sites has helped me as much as www.wowswift.com, thank you so much” -gamaitec



I was a member of all the sites.  PXF, CR, Debbie Does.... (wait different forum) and until I joined www.wowswift.com I was a losing poker player.  I used to make a hefty rasie with AA & KK, now I limp from early position and fold that junk from late.  I used to love AK, now I realize what a foolish man I was.  TT folded to me on the button used to be an automatic raise, silly me.  I thought I had it down.  The stop n Go, the check raise, the longball, the gap concept, isolation plays.  I was merely a child drowing in a pool.

Now a mere 36 hours after joining I am a reformed man, 745% ROI 1200 ITM.

I see clearly that 72o is not the worst starting hand in the game but the most powerful.  Stated on wowswift.com, "when you enter a pot UTG with 72o come in for 4-6x BB.  The table will be thinking AK and when that glorious flop comes 772.  Well can you say NUTZ BABY!" 

This thinking has changed my life, I am selling everything I own and taking this knowledge to Las Vegas.  I owe it all to wowswift.com  What a fantastic instructional site you have, and a knowledge beyond your poker years.  That video about reraising a UTG limp followed by a UTG +1 raise with any unsuited holding 23 - 79, I mean wow...  wow... and the whole "skeet to win" concept, forgetaboutit.   Feel free to use this testimonial on your site!” -CFX


Testimonial: "wowswift.com and the FTC methodology has helped my game in strides. I no longer cross my fingers when I get AK or AA dealt to me. I just Fold To Cash." –randomfrost